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Summer Classes

( We now have story time and painting, check the story time link)

July 15th National Ice Cream Day!  $5 Registration fee (goes toward purchase).  Paint and ice cream bowl, or anything you like.  Ice scream scoops will be served!! 

July 11th@7pm:  Bubble painting-$5 to register (goes towards purchase)



June 18th:  Clay Crab Hands- 11am

to 1pm $13 All ages

June 20th:  11am to 2pm Pottery painting-Name Tangle 6inch $12  8inch $15


June 22nd:  11am to 2pm                    Clay Cool Hands-$12  

June 25th:  Clay Flip Flops $15

June 27th:  Animal Cereal Bowl (price depends on bowl you pick $12 to $18)

 Night at the movies!

Night at the movies!








June 4th:  9am to 12noon- Ages 4 to 7- Clay birds $11 per child         

     1pm to 4pm -  Ages 8 and up-  Clay awkward monsters $13per child


June 5th: 12-3pm Clay Flip Flops    Ages 4 to 8 $13               Ages 9 and up $15

Junes 6th:  Pottery Painting Bubble Technique with ocean animals 9am to 12noon ages 4 to 8. 


1p to 4pm ages 9 and up.  $15 plate (other options available)


June 7th:  Pottery Painting Cereal bowls-cow, cheetah, zebra, giraffe                           and more $20  1pm to 4pm.


June 8th:  Pottery Painting-1pm to 4pm all ages

Ages 4 to 8  Monster Cup or plate $15

 Ages 9 and up Ocean sgrafitto $15 and up.   


For kids and teens

Kids Classes:  10am to 12noon

  • 4/2: Clay Garden Toad House ages 5 and up $12 each  
  • 4/3:  Clay funny faces flower pots ages 5 and up $9                          
  • 4/4:  Clay shelf birds ages 5 and up $9
  • 4/5:  Unicorn pottery painting- we will be using glitter paints to paint unicorns on cups, plates and more.  Costs depends on the item picked. 
  • 4/6:  Poof plates and poof bowls  $12

Teen Projects: Your Lack Table

Your design, made by you... or your and your friends! $160 per table.  Includes table, paint, tiles and grout. This is a two day project.  This can be a girls birthday party done as group, a patio table and much more.   

 Kids Clay 

Saturday from 10am to 12noon.  Please arrive no later than 10:45am to participate.  All classes include clay, clay tools, the how to, paint and firing. 

February 24-Clay wind chimes $10  

March 3-Bird Bath $12 

March 17-Easter Bunny $12 

February 10th 10am to 12noon  Clay poof plates  $12

February 17th 10am to 12noon  Clay Self portraits $12