We aim to make your special day fun and stress free.  Our party room accommodates large groups of painters.  You are able to bring cake, food and beverages for your guests.  You will be able to paint pottery, choosing from a large selection of items available.   A $50 room fee reserves the party room for two hours, $20 each additional hour.  A minimum of 5 guests for kids at $14 per child and for adults it's an 8 guest minimum at $17 per person.   A staff member will be on hand to help out with the creative process, set-up/clean-up and to make sure everyone enjoys their time at the studio.

We also offer a clay option!  Come get dirty and play in the clay creating a unique one of a kind piece.  You will be given instruction on handbuilding and constructing your piece.  You then will be able to let your creative juices flow and detail your item and then paint it.  

For kids ages 14 and under :  $17 per child,  plus the room fee of $60 with a minimum of 5 guests. For ages 15 to 18:  $20 per person, plus the room fee of $60.  Adults:  $30 per person (depending on the item being made) and the $60 room fee with an 8 guests minimum.  

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Had the best time with my two best friends! The service was amazing!
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they were so friendly! Very therapeutic
— Mirka Ortiz
I just took my 12-year-old there to celebrate her birthday along with 6 friends. They had so much fun. We were able to bring food in for free. We left and watched a movie. Then we came back to finish where we left off on a couple items. Thanks, Shannon, for your help with the kids.
— Tisha Lawrence